03 January 2012

National BIRD day AND National Whipped Cream day?!

EEK, I really didn't want to share EVERY National Day. So I had to decide between these 2 for January 5th!

For the Birds! 
I think our poor birds are probably starving out there, I have been bad and haven't been keeping up on the feeders. So first we need to make some kind of fun craft that will also feed these poor birds!

You could go all extreme like they did HERE and make one of these!

Or keep it a little bit more simple and do the old PB in a pine cone rolled in birdseed.
Or the in between like these

And I love birds, more so than bird food, there are some SWEET coloring pages

You could make snack time "bird food" with some apples, dried cranberries or raisins, sunflower seed kernels and if your REAL adventurous, you could make these. I don't know if I could, I get kinda nauseous just looking at the Jello Worms from Theidearoom.net!

The kids would love it though!  I will probably go a little easier and make these for dinner

these little pasta "nests" are adorable! And they come this way, here is a package of them 

I will probably make a meatball "egg" for their little nests!
And if its a day I feel like making a treat these are adorable and a pretty basic shape

Whooo's going to celebrate National Bird Day?
If birds aren't your thing, maybe Angry Birds are?
Or Owls? They're birds too!


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