02 January 2012

Meal Plan Tuesday!

Since I totally forgot yesterday!

Nothing special going on the next couple weeks so should all be easy stuff! But since we are already off our schedule this week, I am not about to try to get it back!

Tuesday~Leftover Ham and Veggies
Wednesday~Turkey Burgers and roasted potatoes
Thursday~Pasta and Meatballs
Friday~Pork Roast
Saturday~Pizza and salads
Sunday~Roasted Turkey (since we have 2 big ones taking up space in our freezer)
Monday~ Leftover turkey and rice with veggies
Tuesday~Turkey tacos
Wednesday~Spaghetti and Meatballs
Thursday~Salad and Turkey Noodle soup
Friday ~Meatball Subs
Saturday~Turkey Burgers
Sunday~Homemade Mini Pizzas

Not really trying anything new this time (well I guess I could with the Turkey)


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