30 August 2011

It's almost FOOTBALL time!

And there is all kinds of football goodness in blogland!
I haven't made much in the past just some mini cupcakes and some PB Pretzel Truffles

The Ducks first game is this Saturday and I haven't decided what to make yet!
If they were for me, I would make these

But hubby is not a fan of whoopie pies (crazy!)
I'm thinking I will take the easy route and make a batch of these
But instead of making circles, I will just dump it all on a sheet pan and cut them once
they are cooled with my mini football cookie cutter.

There are soo many cute things!

And if you are outta time, Little Debbie has these
Those would never fly here though!

There is more than just sweets too. These little cracker appetizer things are adorable

Football meatloaf?! So smart. I would probably make mini ones,
 they cook faster and who doesn't love mini stuff!

Celebrations.com has pretty much anything football you could imagine!

These Pigskins in Blankets are easy too!

I will probably make hubby's favorite finger food too. I can't find any pictures online of it,
and I have never taken a picture.. but I will!
It's 1 can of crescent rolls
cream cheese (softened)
pepperoni slices

First you unroll the crescent rolls, but you want to keep them in 2's or 4's and pinch the seems back together, then spread the square (or rectangle) with cream cheese, leaving a little edge without cream cheese.
cover cream cheese in pepperoni slices
roll it up tight with parchment paper or freezer paper
put it in the freezer to firm up (it cuts SO much easier that way)
repeat with rest of crescent rolls
then take the firmed rolls out
Cut into 1/4-1/2" slices
place on baking sheet and bake according to the package.
You can add olives too if you like them that way.
You don't really taste the cream cheese, I think it just helps bind and keeps them moist!


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