24 August 2011

Halloween Wreath

I know it's just a little early for Halloween stuff, but my girlfriend was hosting a crafting night and I didn't have anything else to work on. She is a total sweet pea, check her out HERE.

So I had one of those straw wreaths from a project that did not turn out, I used some black ribbon and hot glue to cover that, then some of the cheapy boas at Michaels, not the feather but the fluff and wrapped that around the parts that were still showing straw, just attaching with hot glue. Then I spent a couple weeks collecting the black feather boas with coupons, I think I used 3. Still just wrapping and securing with hot glue.

Once that was done I just used some fishing line, and my random collection of keys, empty pocket watch, and crystals and hung them from the top, I wish the fishing line was less visible, but it will work until I figure something else out.

I'm actually really liking it, and it doesn't scream Halloween, there is no orange, purple, pumpkins or ghosts and that is just the way I like my Halloween stuff!
And please forgive the horrible pictures today :)


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