18 August 2011

Back to School Organization

Feeling a little rushed now! Just over 2 weeks until the first day for our kiddos and I feel like our current routines are just NOT going to work! Hoping to have a schedule worked out and get a week in of practice before school really starts.

I have already been getting up an hour or so earlier than the kids, well most days anyway, so I have time to prep breakfast and get as much done before the day starts. If these kids wake up any earlier I might have to change it to a bedtime routine instead. 
We haven't really had a breakfast schedule like we do for dinner, but I think we might need to try one this year, and especially since I am not really a fan of cereal for the kids, not very often anyway.
I'm thinking
Mondays~Pancakes, fruit and sausage.. everyone needs Monday to be a good day!
Tuesdays~Oatmeal and stuff
Wednesday~Yogurt and fruit or granola
Thursdays~Waffles with peanut butter and fruit
Fridays~Cereal and fruit
Our kids LOVE this chocolate PB, and I like that it is better calorie and fat wise than the regular pb!

I am hoping I can make things easier and do most of the prep work ahead of time, like cutting all the fruit ahead of time and making the pancakes and freeze them. And keeping small things for the oatmeal so it's not getting everything out, just a little basket with little containers instead of the bag of brown sugar, because kids and bags of sugar do not mix in the morning!

Snacks could easily get out of control if I just let the kids have whatever they want. So I need to have stuff organized and easy for them to access (and easy for me to manage what they are getting)  I liked Real Simple Magazines idea about keeping all the snacks in one spot.
and already having stuff pre portioned out. Those single serving size snacks are so expensive when I could just put them in separate bags and save a bunch! I think giving the kids choices makes it easier for me and them, no fighting, no "I don't like that" problems.  We don't really do cookies or sweets here very often, but I don't want to restrict it so much that they don't know how to make good choices either. 
So I will probably make certain things a 1x a week treat, they can pick the
 day but I am not stocking those up everytime they are empty.
 I will work on snack organization and share what I come up with.. I'm pretty sure these will be involved
I like that they are re-usable and kid sized, and not breakable! And I am totally wishing I would have kept those plastic baby food containers now.

I plan on having a LOT of snacks ready so the kids can just pick out what they want in their lunchbox too and I will make the main part. I think they will do a better job of eating it if they pick it out.

I can tell already I will be adding another to do one day a week in my HMB!


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