17 July 2011

Back to School Treats!

I KNOW this is too early for some of y'all but I had some extra time last week with hubby out of town so I thought I would put this together. It also leaves a little time to find supplies (hopefully on sale!)

First.. last years goodies are HERE and HERE.. It was hard to find new ones for this year, but I did find a few!

When I think about Back to School stuff, I think of pencils and rulers and sack lunches like PBnJ and knee socks and sweater vests! It's one of my favorite times of year, the weather is usually so nice and the excitement from school is so fun! We have 2 kids that will be in school this year, they are both really excited!
I thought these sweet little school bus boxes were just too cute!
I also won a giveaway by Paperglitter so I picked up this printable. Find her whole collection HERE.
I hope I can fit a couple little muffin bites in it (Thank you cake pop maker!)

I think these are my FAVORITE though! They are too clever, and charming! Not to mention easy to find all the stuff!
Find step by step directions HERE

Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins! These look SO SO good!
 I would use raspberry instead of blueberry jelly though!

And these Apple Struesel muffins look amazing!
Found these via. Flickr and they are probably my favorite so far!

If you are short on time/supplies, you can always use a recipe you already
 love and use some free printables like these

This SITE has some really clever ideas too. These pencil cookies look yummy!
I shared this yummy fall snack HERE but I want to do something different for Back to School!
So I think I will just change a couple things in this one!
I really love the crispix or chex, but I think I will use the stick pretzels and keep the freeze dried apples because they just work well, they aren't moist at all so nothing gets all stuck together! And apples always make me think of school! PBnJ makes me think of school too, so I think instead of the caramel bits in this one, I will use PB chips! And instead of the pumpkin seeds using some fruit leather or fruit snacks.

I will have more to share soon! But I am antsy to try a couple of these this week!


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