20 June 2011

Monday and chores!

Kids need chores!
I really believe that! Learning responsibility is so important. We start pretty young here, if they are old enough to get the toys out they are old enough to pick them up. When our oldest was the only one, it was SO much easier, we used the plastic zipper bags that sheets/pillow cases and some blankets come in. We organized stuff that went together in each bag, and there was only one allowed out at a time. He is the best around here at picking up! The youngest, Finnley, gets it but thinks its too much fun to dump them out again as soon as he picks them up. Carsyn on the other hand, I don't think she will be a professional organizer or housekeeper !! It is a never ending struggle to get her to keep her room clean. We have everything in bins, she can reach,open and close and put away but she JUST.WON'T.DO.IT! Makes me nuts!

We have tried rewards, points and things like no snack until it's done, going to be early, not coming down to play until it's done, putting stuff in a bin to "give away"(or hide in the laundry room) and it doesn't do anything. The only way it gets done is if Ramsey decides to do it for her or you stand there and tell her exactly what to pick up. On a mission to find some creative way for her to get and to want to keep it clean, her room is cute, but dangerous if there are barbies out!

Our kiddos have other chores too but nothing written down, except taking their garbage's out on Sunday night (which they ask to do every other day!) So I am working on some kind of system that will work for the kids. I have MY chores all figured out HERE.  But I need something the kids can check off and earn their points for the day.

I'm not sure I what to do! I don't know that I want them to be able to reach the dry erase markers just yet, but I also don't know if I want to print a TON of papers for them either.  I think we will try a weekly chart with stickers for a couple weeks and see how it goes.

Some other ideas I think are great are the Duggar's way of doing things, their chore packs are smart and easy for all the littles to have exactly what they are to do easy to access.
It's a little much for us but still a good idea! There are a bunch of free printable charts online.
And How Does She shared this clever idea for multiple kids!

I'm sure I will be back with an update.. and maybe a picture of her room (YIKES!)


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