24 April 2011

Peach Party Love!

I don't know WHY I do this! But as soon as I think I am decided on a theme for a party and start to collect stuff I find another theme I would love just as much. Luckily for me, the kids don't change their mind as much as I do and original themes stay! But overnight before she had shot down the new theme, I had time to collect some ideas. Someone HAS to have a peach party, cause these are just too cute!

I like the softer look of vintage stuff with some modern stuff. I LOVE aqua and peach together! I think I would do mostly peach colored with some aqua and off white.

Buntings/Banners whatever you call them are one of my FAVORITE things! (working on a new one soon!)
I like these gingham buntings! Peach gingham and aqua floral would be perfect!

Looks like peach and aqua are popular wedding colors, check out this wedding stuff (that could be used for a birthday!)

Table decorations could be really simple, I like a combination of rustic, natural and whimsical personally.
I would for sure use these baskets, lined with some aqua fabric

I would make some of these, but peaches instead of apples, for the baskets!

I am using one of these soon, and I really am hoping I can make it myself!! I really like them, how they are kind of unexpected but natural and non girly!

There are so many cute cute cute peach things around, I wouldn't know what to put on the cake stand!  I really should just order this Wilton cupcake stand, because I could fill it with all the peach stuff!

Even though I would rather have this one from PB, it's just a bit (or a whole lot) out of my price range for a treat stand, I think it could go with any thing!

Like little cobblers in aqua ramekins!
I just love how cute these little cobblers are!

Or Mini Pies!!

I wouldn't use this ribbon obviously, but how it's packaged is just adorable!
Country Living

Peach and aqua candy is easy to find, there are so many!

paper straws are a trend I realllly hope stays popular, cause I love them, especially in a jar!

Ikea has the cutest little aqua set of mugs and a pitcher, but I think using jelly jars (or the jelly jar glasses) is still my favorite, I love how simple and country they are!

I wouldn't do pink lemonade, but peach lemonade, or peach tea, or peach smoothies or milkshakes? Yes!

Cute Peachy favors all over too!!
Peach shaped cookies!

Or these cookies

These mini jelly jars are ADORABLE.. A little peach jelly and mini loaf of bread would be too much cuteness!

with some aqua ribbon fabric!

But I think these would be my favor of choice for the younger girls, you could buy them or make them, I made some, the same process as water bottle labels, make the right size and do 1 perfect then make a bunch of copies of that 1 and cut them out.  I would use peach chapstick/lip gloss

You can make the labels say anything you want, or have a cute picture!

And these are pumpkins but could easily be made into peaches!
Martha Stewart

Hoping I can convince our smooshy she would love a Peach party, maybe in 2 years? I hope!


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