12 April 2011

Harry Potter Movie Night.. at home!

Our kids are SO excited to see the newest Harry Potter on Friday when it comes out on DVD, they weren't taken to the theatre because we need to skip all the scary parts!

Hubby has been gone all week but he will be home just in time to have dinner and watch a movie Friday. There is no school that day so we have all day to play and do some fun stuff!  The older 2 really love to help cook and do cooking stuff, the youngest likes to play IN the dishwasher (not really loving that). So I am trying to make a list of all the things we could make for dinner/movie night. Stuff that isn't too complicated/time consuming or expensive!  I know for sure we will do something simple for the main part of dinner. Friday's are kinda busy, but especially this Friday! So we are having pork roast in the crock pot and oven roasted potatoes, but the rest I want to take some of the Harry Potter character favorites and see what I can do!

  I've shared these chocolate frogs before

I have a feeling those won't make it this time, they are a little complicated for kids.
Some other stuff from around the web:

chocolate wands (but not in Valentines day colors)

I will probably do purple and got these Wilton Edible Glitter Stars

The kids will love them, making and I am sure eating!

Harry Potter and friends have Pumpkin Pasties (Pumpkin hand pies) as a treat in the books. I'm thinking I am going to try to make sweet potato ones, and not sweet, but savory ones, using this recipe for some inspiration, but I still want to do them small sized!

My favorite recipe for sweet Pumpkin Pasties is HERE, don't these look amazing?!

And of course the kids are already asking if they will get to have Butter Beer! I've made it for them before HERE, but I found this recipe that I want to try instead this time!

1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
1/4 cup butterscotch topping
1 1/2 cup vanilla cream soda

Combine condensed milk and butterscotch topping. Heat mixture and stir to combine.
 Heat cream soda and add mixture, stir thoroughly!
Also thought about making them float style instead of warm too.

Some other things that could be fun are

Rock Cakes
I think these are usually a scone type pastry, but I thought it would be cute to do a regular cupcake and use these on top to make it a "rock" cake!

If you're dying for an at-home Harry Potter movie night, but want to stick to your diet, try looking into Sensa weight loss sprinkles -- they're about as close to real magic as you can get!


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