26 October 2010

Harry Potter Movie Night!!

I love the Harry Potter Books.. LOVE them! We listen to the audio books in the car, and the kids like to watch the movies (but not the scary parts!)  Hubby and I are going to see the new movie next month, but the kids aren't. We like to filter what they see and that is pretty hard to do at a theatre.  But I am sure they will pick up on some of the excitement and I wanted to make them a couple little things to take to Grandma and Poppop's when they go. And a couple things for us to do the day of, while we do our regular day to day stuff. I'm going to make them Butter Beer with lunch, and I am sure we will make time to watch one of the movies. Carsyn loves any that have a house elf.. she thinks Dobby is cute.. EWW!

Pumpkin Pasties would be good for them, if either one liked pumpkin pie or pumpkin anything! Going to make some Chocolate Frogs instead!

I ordered some frog candy molds and usually have the chocolate on hand.. but didn't want them to be solid chocolate. Decided for this run I would try a Nutella mix in them. 

I melted the chocolate
put it into a frosting bag
filled the bottom part in partially..
tap it on the counter to help the air bubbles escape then
stick it in the fridge to set up.
While they are setting in the fridge I
Mixed some nutella with a little milk, really a tiny tiny amount of milk.(to help smooth it out)
Filled a different frosting bag with the Nutella mix
Filled the frogs with the mix, smoothed it out on the top (the bottom of the frog though)
Then finished it off with more chocolate and back in the fridge to set again.
once they are set, I will put 1 in each of the kids little goodie bags, and then a few to share too!

I also did a couple marshmallow filled ones.. but didn't take pictures! Super easy, just stuck a big marshmallow in the microwave for about 10 seconds, sprayed my spoon with cooking spray and scooped some into the chilled shell and then spread it out a little and covered with more chocolate! You could make these any color or add the shimmer dust to them. I love how easy the candy melts and molds are! There are SOO many molds on etsy and ebay you can just about anything!!
And if you don't want to buy a frog candy mold (not sure what else I will use it for) you can also just dip these in chocolate... the inside might be a little weird.. but I think most kids will try anything atleast once! These are avialable in lots of places, I think Target even has small bags of them!
For the butterbeer I just use Cream Soda, a little vanilla coffee creamer and some butterscotch ice cream topping. I mix the butterscotch and cream soda together first then add a little of the coffee creamer. There are about a hundred different recipe's for Butterbeer online. I use this one because I have all 3 things or can get them easily and for not a lot of money, just needed the cream soda this time!

If we have any pretzel rods left I might make them into candy wands, just using the candy melts, roll one end in the melted candy then put some sprinkles on them! Kids can help with these, so maybe I will have to pick up some pretzel rods if we are out!

Not doing any more than that though, we have a crazy busy week already! I don't want to overfill it!


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