04 February 2011

Valentine's Day Menu

Only about a week and a half until Valentine's Day! Still being in Birthday mode I haven't thought a whole lot about what we be doing that day but I am thinking we for sure need to have some heart shaped stuff! This is what I have planned so far~
Heart Shaped Pizza

And I think we will probably have heart shaped sandwiches for lunch, just using our Wilton cookie cutter, this one is pretty big so you don't lose as much bread!

We don't usually let our kids have flavored milk ( tooo much sugar!!) but we do let them have special stuff on special days sometimes, and really who wouldn't love pink milk?!  So here is what I do to make their little treat extra special.. I used my favorite old jelly jars, dipped the edge in some melted white chocolate (it's easiest if you put the chocolate on a saucer or small plate,and I don't put on too much because I don't want any drips, then cover the chocolate in some sprinkles!

I am sure heart shaped pancakes will be around at breakfast time with whip cream and sprinkles, pretty much cause the mini heart sprinkles are just TOO cute!

I have a heart shaped mini pancake pan that makes these perfectly every time, although I think it is easier if you make your pancake batter a little more runny than usual, you kind of have to spread the batter around a little and if it is too thick it doesn't work as well.
Think it is this one, and I haven't seen it anywhere but ebay lately.. there are some other really cute ones though!

And this year for a dessert I think I am going to use a heart shaped ice cube mold like this one
And fill it with the Yoplait Whips Raspberry or Strawberry yogurt and freeze them, they are SO good frozen, better than ice cream! And I won't feel too guilty about the strawberry milk then!
I am using a bigger mold because I think it will be easier to get the yogurt in.. here is what I hope to do, scoop some yogurt in and tap it on the counter to get the air out, you can't really stir the yogurt or it loses its mousse consistency.  I might have to do a test run before next week! If I have sprinkles left over I might put some of those in the bottom too!  Then they can each have a few little frozen hearts for a treat! I think they will love em!

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