02 February 2011

Happy Groundhog Day!

Today has been wonderful here! Our big guy turns 6 today, Phil did NOT see his shadow (yay Spring), we have NO snow! It is sunshiney and cold and I think I might finally be on track to be done with birthday stuff in time, without stressing!

Then all this talk about Spring made me think about Spring cleaning.. ick!
I am sure my cleaning list will change again this year, but I saw these and KNOW they would help out with our pantry!

No more shuffling around to find the soonest to expire!!
But I think I might try to make some out of wood before I spend the crazy asking price on these!

And I need to finish off another shelf with the oil cloth in our pantry and pick up some more canisters on our next Ikea trip. None of this has to happen now, but if I don't start my list now it will be time to start working on stuff and I won't know what all I need to do!

And I NEED to get back into organizing every Friday, haven't done it in a few weeks, this Friday I am sure I won't get to it since I have a huge to-do list for birthday stuff... our kitchen is SO messy with Birthday stuff right now.. seriously about 60% of our counters are covered, when usually we have clutter free counters! It's been making things a little difficult here and I am ready for it to happen and get out kitchen back!



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