01 January 2011

HMB re-do section 1

I decided to grab supplies before everyone else starts with the organizing too, found some cute paper and a big binder!  I use folders instead of page dividers because some of the folders I just don't need all year, like one that has Christmas ideas, gift list and sizes for kids in it.. I don't need that in my everyday binder until about October, so using the folders it's easy to just pop the whole folder in when the time comes.

This is my first section, the financial section of the HMB. It holds a LOT of info and it is one of my most used sections!  First I have our paycheck plans, hubby gets paid every 2 weeks so I like to have stuff split up as close to even as can be while everything gets paid on time. 

Then a list of all our monthly bills and the approximate amount for each month and the due date, this chart makes planning what to pay with what paycheck SO much easier! I have them sorted by due date, with the name and amount.

Next is all of our account numbers and phone numbers for the companies we use, just in case something did happen, it is all together and easy to find. Everything from insurance to credit cards, these are not in any specific order, but maybe they should be!

This is new and I am hoping it will work ok. I just used a page protector and these small colorful envelopes I found at the Dollar Store. I labeled one for Groceries, Gas, Savings, Fun and leftover (which gets paid straight to some debt). So after I pay the bills, I will be using the envelopes and cash with the amount set for each thing, I am so used to using the debit card this will be a bit of a adjustment, but I hope the adjustment helps us eliminate our debt!

It's not too much different then last year, but there are FEWER lines on the page with all our accounts.. I think that is a good sign!

And here is my pencil pouch. Cleaned out for the new year, going to try to keep it clutter free! I keep my checkbook and register in there, a couple dry erase pens, some regular pens and a calculator!

The next section I will be working on is groceries and meal planning! Since using coupons better this year is one of my goals I have to find a way to fit a easy way to use them in this folder.. Hopefully it only takes me a couple nap times to get it set!