08 November 2010

Thanksgiving cuteness #8

Thought I would try to catch up during "nap time" well today that just isn't happening, 1 out of 4 is asleep. But everyone is resting quitely (kind of). Just a couple minutes to share a few cute things for the kids table!

Coloring pages can be FREE and easy! There are lots of websites that offer free printable coloring pages like these, just search for __________ coloring pages!

To hold the crayons for those pages I love this idea from Fiskars.com Isn't it cute?! A little Pilgrim hat made out of a paper cup and some other pretties!

They also have these other projects on their site!

I think small kid sized things are more appealing to the little ones. Like these tiny little pies from Little Birdie Secrets (one of my favorite blogs!)

And if you have to buy the jars for a few little ones you would have enough jars left to let them each make their own butter (and keep their hands busy!)

PBSkids.org has the how to HERE but it is pretty simple, jar, heavy cream, tight lid, shake shake shake shake shake! If you have more kids, or older kids, a bigger jar that they can take turns shaking would work too!
You can also decorate the jars, or let the kids decorate the jars beforehand, as long as you can see enough to tell when the butter is ready!



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