05 November 2010

Thanksgiving Cuteness #5

Decided I would just do 1 a day now that I am all caught up! That might be hard to ONLY share 1 a day!
I am sure I will have no problem finding that many things to share!

The Martha Stewart boat pattern worked perfect ( just small ) But I will get it enlarged and try a big one.. Here is the small one, before the sail though..

Pretty sure these are from last year (or the year before) from All You Magazine.
They are just felt wrapped candles, does it get any easier?!
You could do this for so many things, and have them say whatever you want!
I don't think I would use these for our kids, they are still pretty young to be trusted with a candle around. But I think they would be great for the kids to help make!
 There are SO many cute scrapbooking papers out now, I am sure you could do that too! Just make sure you are monitoring your candles!

They also did some napkin rings the same way.. cute cute.

Think I have already decided what I will share tomorrow.. there are soo many cute CUPCAKES!


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