09 November 2010

Thanksgiving #9

I just want to say that I WISH we lived in an area where this picture was a possibility!
via Country Home

Because I love this setting, it looks so natural and unfussy and pretty at the same time! It is rarely dry here in the Pacific Northwest in November so that isn't an option for us.  But I still have some cute stuff to share even if it isn't stuff we will get the chance to use.

Like this All White Table Setting

via Style Me Pretty

But we have kids.. white stuff and kids usually aren't good companions!

And Square dishes, because I think food looks more interesting on square plates
Not that I wouldn't use them, we just don't have any.

Couple things I WOULD do
is add old and more recent photos around the table. I am sure some of the pictures would be great conversation starters, especially if you have new people over!
via Apartment Therapy

Any of these super cute little favor boxes or place card holders!

via Manolobrides.com

And these are easy but still pretty, in that simple natural unfussy way!
Any of the cute apothecary jars or even canning jars and a tealight would be very simple and cute! Beans and lentils are very inexpensive but look just right for fall!

source unknown, let me know if it's yours!


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