17 November 2010

Thanksgiving #18 Pie cuteness!

Posting a day early since tomorrow is busy busy and I don't want to miss a day!
Yesterday I shared my favorite holiday dessert recipe. I think it's my favorite because I haven't really tried to make pies much.. I think they could easily be my favorite! One thing I like about them is how cute and themed you can make them without any extra ingredients! Check out all these cute different pie crusts. I think the extra effort on some of these makes a huge difference!

These 2 are from Country Living

This whole collection is from Martha Stewart!

Home Made Simple did these different leaves all on 1 pie!

I LOVE this braided one

This one is just too sweet!!

And check out these little crust cutters, with extra detail! From Williams Sanoma, they would make the cutting part much easier!


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