10 November 2010

Thanksgiving #10

More for the kids table and another cute idea.

I REALLY like IKEA! I like that most of their stuff is reasonably priced, even if it isn't something we NEED.. like these little plastic fancy looking cups and stemmed glasses. Our kids love to use these, they think it's "special" if they get to use them. Will be bringing these out for Thanksgiving for sure! Not sure if the clear ones are online but HERE is the pastel set.

The other thing I wanted to share today is take home boxes or to go boxes, whatever you  want to call them. There are the plastic style storage ones (that I always feel guilty for having more than a few days!)  and there are lots of other options! Like these simple carboard style boxes from Think Garnish.

Think Garnish also carries gable style boxes like these, I bet my kids would use these, since they have a little handle!

  They come in white also and would be EASY to make match whatever get together you are prepping for, like Manolobride.com did here

I  think leftovers are probably even better in a cute little package!


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