12 November 2010

~Organzing Friday~ 11/12

I really am embarassed to show the before picture again! But here it is
That is a whole lotta shoes, baby wipes, commercial cleaners that won't get used, a empty box from FEBRUARY, birthday party stuff just shoved and hoping they stay, vinegar and the most recent closet clean out cast off of a training toilet seat!

Yeah, makes it pretty hard to get inside with all that JUNK in the way! We put this shelf there as a easy place to store extra groceries, disposable diapers, baby wipes and shoes that are "outside" shoes, but it turned in to a dumping spot pretty much everytime we came in from the car, or when I didn't have a place for something. SO bad! I know it is a bad habit, hoping that cleaning it up will make it easier for us to use it the right way.

Here is what it looks like now, with everything else either put where it needs to be or on it's way to goodwill!

The black box has all our extra soap (is it weird to have THAT much extra soap that it needs a box?)
I used a Command Hook for the helmets, to keep them off the ground and where the kids can reach!
Still a whole lotta shoes, but not on the ground!
And after organizing the closet I was able to get rid of some junk and make room for some of the extra cleaning supplies inside instead of having to go outside every week to get them! Nothing but dusters though, don't want to mix cleaners and groceries!

Hopefully I can catch some good grocery sales in the next few weeks and fill our extra storage back up with groceries and supplies now that I have some room!


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