14 November 2010

Finally the Matilda Jane inspired something!

I hoped to have it finished a long time ago, but with a few kids that have been skipping naps it just took a little  lot longer to finish!
My Mother in law painted this little table and chairs for the kids a few years ago, and it was looking a little beat up, pencil and crayon marks (that the magic eraser couldn't get off), gouges from toys and dents from being run into with hot wheels! It just needed some help! Hubby sanded it down a little to try and get some of the dings and dents out and then I started painting, it took TONS of coats, and now that it is inside again, I see a few spots I missed, but I have more plans for it, so I will catch the misses spots when I do the next thing!

I didn't take any before pictures, should have, but I forget. When I start a project I am too antsy to get started and often forget the before shots!

What made me decide to paint it black?! All of our other furniture is black. How did I decide on the wording on the skirt? THAT is where my favorite Maggie Stew from Matilda Jane Clothing comes in! The dress is the first MJ I ever bought, I fell in LOVE with the ribbon along the bottom hem.
Here is the dress

The pink ribbon towards the bottom!  It says "Fall asleep with a smile for the moon. Wake up Happy, Play Fair, Be a good friend, Read Books"
Yeah I LOVE that! I think those are all great things for little girls (and boys) to practice!

Finnley is already trying to climb up (not sure he is ready for that though!)

The thing that ISN'T done, is the top.. it's been painted and all that, but it needs something else!

See, kinda boring huh?  I am pretty sure I am going to do a design on the top in CHALKBOARD paint, since I already have it!  Just need to figure out how to get the design on first!
And I need to do a couple more chairs since we have 3 kids and 1 other little sweet pea that is here a few days a week!

All I did on the table and chairs, was paint it black, paint it black, paint it black. Then I used the cricut to cut the words out and I modge podge'd em on!
The kids are excited to have their little table back and I am excited to have our table back without crayon shavings or stickers on it!

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