25 September 2010

Red Wagon Themed Birthday Party!

ok, I didnt take ANY pictures of the actual party.. but thankfully lots of other people did... so for now, I am sharing the before party pictures!

First are these wagon wheels aka whoopie pies! Seems like they are starting to be popular!. I only went with them because they are round and the colors were right!

And of course, I used as many little wagons as I could get my hands on!

I made the little water bottle wrappers and got the toddler "wheels" cause they were wheels!
I was trying to stick with the same colors, yay for apples.. with caramel.. YUM!

Chips and RED salsa, a tiny tiny little wagon with matching MnM's and the pinwheels and lollipops were favors

I had some leftover sugar cookie dough.. decided to make some little cookies.. I am no frosting pro.. but they kind of look like wagons, and in a wagon!

 And here is Finnley's cake! I didn't think I could frost a wagon well enough, so I used a cookie instead!

And these are the cookie favors! At first I felt bad spending so much on the cookie cutter ( do you know how HARD it was to find a wagon cookie cutter)  But these turned out SO cute and in the end it was totally worth it!
I made the bag tags to match too!

And I forgot to take pics of the cupcakes. but grass frosting on some and some were white, used the cute cupcake pics I made a while ago!

I was SO SO bummed about his party clothes.. usually in Oregon it is NOT 80 degrees the end of Sept. I was pretty sure we would have a cloudy and 60's kind of day. So when I searched ebay for this
I KNEW he needed it!! And it would look SO cute on him.. too bad sweat isn't a good look on babies! But now we have this cute little sweater that should get lots of wear this fall!

That's all I have for today but there should be some real party pics soon! 
And who is ready for Halloween? I am working on it now that the party is over!  Maybe I can start sharing this week!


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