02 July 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

Run Run Run, It's Fun Fun Fun... and GET YOUR TICKETS!! They have only been on sale a short while, but with how popular the Gabba Friends are I am sure they are going to go fast!!

We are SOO excited! Obviously our kids are huge fans, but so are we! We love the show for many reasons.. mostly because I don't worry about what they are learning, it's a great wholesome show! All the great songs! Songs about having good manners, not giving up and eating healthy.. Love it!! I can't wait to go and hope our little mini's will sing their hearts out at the show!

There are a number of shows all over so find your local (or as far as you are willing to drive for some Yo Gabba FUN) show HERE and get some tickets!
Local parents.. We are headed to the EUGENE showing November 15th! Hope to see some of you Yo Gabba Gabba Loving Families there too! Portland also has a showing November 14th!  Leave a comment for those of you going, so I know who to watch for!

Check YoGabbaGabbalive.com for ALL the info, video's and the latest news!

And I am sure I will be back with some more Gabba FUN in the next few days!


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