26 May 2010

Woodland ish 1st Birthday! In the works

I am helping a girlfriend with her sweet baby's 1st Birthday party! This birthday party is NOT in the fall, and Squirrels have a special meaning! So she is doing things a little different. Emphasis on girly colors, not fall. And more squirrels than other stuff.  Thought I would share some of the stuff we are working on!

One of the treats are these cuties, But pink stems!

Pink Lemonade and Chocolate milk for drinks, not together though.. ewww!
Frosted cookies, Squirrels, acorns and maybe some toadstools in pink, aqua and browns!

Pretty sure there will be a banner  and some other goodies featuring this cute squirrel, not in white or red of course! 

She found some adorable scrapbook paper that has round tree's on it, in perfect colors! Browns, lime greeen, pink and aqua! Going to make some waterbottle wrappers out of the paper!

I am making some cupcake pics with Acorns, squirrels and her daughter's initial in the same colors as the cute paper above!

She wants to have a way to display some cute pictures of her seriously adorable and photogenic daughter that matches the theme.  I thought she could easily use some free branches (from some cut tree's in our yard), Spray paint them pink or one of the green's in the paper and make a little "tree" to hang some cut out pictures like ornaments!  And I am racking my brain to figure out a way to incorporate the cute idea into our little guy's 1st birthday!

If this was not for a 1 year old you could make a pinata in a acorn shape!  I think it would be easy enough since most balloons are about the right shape anyway!  Another activity if you have a longer party planned is making squirrel "feeders" out of large pinecones, peanut butter and squirrel food (corn kernels, peanuts)

One idea for favors is the cute cellophane baggies filled with "squirrel food" some yummy
granola with color coordinating candies mixed in, MnM's or sundrops!

There are also a number of cute squirrel and acorn candy molds! I already have THIS mold from Bake it Pretty These are the ones used as an example on the blog.. SO cute, just like everything else over there!

The party is still 2 months away, leaving us plenty of time to work everything out!
Anyone willing to share any ideas, we would LOVE them!


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