22 March 2010

Less than 2 weeks until Easter!

We are getting together with the family.. BIG family! It is always fun (I LOVE the family I married into!) It's never boring and there are lots of kids! I am no cooking pro.. but I like to do stuff for the kids. I am going to make some cupcakes for the get together. I am thinking some lemon and maybe some coconut ones! I think I will use Country Living's take on some little nest's for the lemon ones and make the coconut ones nests also.. I'll just toast some of the coconut for on top!

Photo from Country Living

Now one of my FAVORITE ever Goodwill finds was a Jell-o Bean Mold.. I found it 6 or 7 years ago.. I still see them all the time and I still think they are just adorable! I only have 1 mold that has survived the years so it takes a while to make what I like in different flavors, but worth the time! I do Orange and Raspberry (because they are my favorite) but you can do whatever flavors you want! The mold makes them just like big jelly beans.. they are too cute!! I put them in cool whip with some mini marshmallows.. they are fine by themselves, it is Jell-o after all!

Still not a fan of loading the kids up with candy.. so we put some other stuff in their baskets. This year it's those big balls with the handles and some other outdoor toys. Target has a pretty big selection and a section of them are under $5! Just about everything is for outside! To fill the little plastic eggs I am using Keebler "bug bites" grahams.. little graham crackers that are ladybug, dragonfly and a couple other bug shaped.. they are small enough to fit a few in each egg. Our kids are good about not putting stuff in their mouth so they will each get some with coins in them. I will be checking out the grocery store isle's for some non-candy small goodies! If I find anymore good stuff I'll share!


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