19 March 2010

First Day of Spring

Do you have all your Spring cleaning projects started, finished even? I sure hoped to, but I don’t. Instead I got my wisdom teeth out, THAT is a whole other kind of spring cleaning I was NOT prepared for! So with the first day of Spring quickly approaching (tomorrow!) I am trying to recover and get it all done. I am also pretty sure I will need to reward my littles and hubby for all their help cleaning, AND taking care of me, with some sugar cookies!! Ikea had THE cutest cookie cutters, perfect for spring.. Just had to share!  I think I will make the snails and I maybe hedgehogs.. the others aren't as "Springy" to me.. and maybe some mini mushrooms!

I am slowly working on getting my Spring/Easter decorations out.. I will post some pictures soon!  If I feel up to it and can stop watching New Moon.. comes out tonight/tomorrow depending on how crazy you are.. Redplum.com has a coupon for it also!


  1. Can't wait to see your decorations!!! Sugar cookies sound yummy, sorry about your wisdom teeth- not fun.

  2. Ouch!!! Wisdom teeth removal is sooo very painful. You need the help of lots of ice cream!!! Hope you are healing well.

    Spring cleaning? Um...no.

  3. We watched New Moon over the weekend. Its so good even watching it over again.
    Your cookies are so cute!
    Can't wait to see your Easter pics.



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