19 January 2009

I'm new to this Blogging thing!

But it seems like a fun adventure! Thanks Mrs. Heidi for naming it for me it really is perfect the name! Cupcakes are by far my favorite non living thing, I love to bake and cupcakes are just the right size. I also have a hard time resisting anything with a cupcake on it, shirts, shoes, pencils, backpack.. of course most of it is NOT for me but for my sweet Carsyn. She is almost 2 and has more cupcake backpacks than most kids need their entire life.. like I said I am addicted, if it were up to me Cupcake would have been her middle name!
Family is SO important to my husband and I. It wasn't a hard decision but we both had to make sacrifices so I am able to stay home and take care of our 2 kids ( Ramsey and Carsyn ) and home I am proud to say I am a housewife! I love being home and really could not imagine things being better any other way.. Not to say that there aren't struggles or hard times but how boring would life be without them.. Certainly makes me appreciate the easy days!
I have been called a Clean Freak a number of times.. at first I thought I wasn't but now I just embrace it and consider it a compliment!
I am not real sure what all I will blog about.. Certainly a few cupcake things here and there!


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