30 August 2016

How We Keep a Clean (Enough) Home

 This will be a multi-part post so it doesn't get too long and boring, it's already a boring subject!
My GOAL is to have it Clean, Welcoming, and Comfy. Of course there is a BUT to that. 
BUT, it can't take too much time. Family time is our most important thing! We don't want to spend it cleaning. We have 4 busy kids and plates that are a bit on the full side. 

Think I am crazy? Think this balance doesn't exist?  
I'm going to share how we do it.

1. Fake It When Needed
2. 15 Minute Tiding
3. Weekly Cleaning
4. Seasonal Cleaning

I'm not telling anyone their business or how their home should look, or anything like that. I'm not judging anyone who doesn't care so much about housekeeping. It's not something everyone spends time thinking about. I get that, I promise! So if that's not you, totally ok! 
If you already feel led to keep a tidy, clean, or clean enough home, then great! Let's chat about that!
 I wouldn't claim that our home is spotless, not ever. It varies on a week to week basis on if I would even call it clean.

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