25 July 2016

Real Life For 6 ~ Meal Planning

This has been on my to do list for months now, since Spring. I haven't really gotten back into it since we moved from our house almost 2 years ago! We aren't getting any less busy and these kids aren't getting any less hungry.

There are some big benefits to meal planning like 
Saving Money & Eating Healthy

 Not sure what method I will use, trying 1 we haven't before. There are a few I love the concept of. 
Weekly Meal Planning and non specific days, just 2 weeks of meals and winging it on the day. 
Having a big list of common meals and seeing what you can make with what you have.  Sadly, that is what we have been doing lately. Not really a plan, more a lack of planning.

Working on a fresh (to us) approach for meal planning and doing the WHOLE MONTH. School starts for us soon and I would love to have a trial month before. We will have 3 kids on 3 different sports teams in September and I have got to make this work or we will never get to eat a real meal together, something that is SO important to us.

No promises on how this will end up. I am no pro! Some things that I will plan for

~Leftovers 1x a week
~Double up on recipes that freeze well
~Family Date Nights out 2x a month

I'm using this blank calendar page and just filled it out for the month.  I've got my list of recipes that I plan on doubling on the side. Next month I will have some freezer meals listed over there, in case we get in a bind one day/night.
I've just used a handy magnet bookmark to hold my calendar in my planner. Easy to take out and make grocery lists from.

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