31 December 2015

One Little Word 2016

Do you do the one little word thing, or word of the year? I think it's an interesting concept and kind of fun! I knew from about mid November what my OLW would be this year!  I don't think it would work so well if last year my word hadn't been REFINE. SO much change and refining last year!

~ We moved 2x and got rid of so much stuff! Refining our belongings.
~Gave up a whole lot of our normal doings. Refining how we spend our time
~Changed (a little) about who we spend our time with. Refining more of our time.
Refined some of what we eat, how many chores we have, activities. Just a whole lot of changes for the better!

But now we are here with new priorities, time commitments away from home, meals and we still have a house that is not even CLOSE to being done!  So looking at how we do everything with FRESH perspective.  It almost feels like we went through every aspect of our life, cut a whole bunch out and now we just have piles of piles that needed to sorted into Fresh ways of doing things.

So there it is. Fresh. Everything here is about to be FRESH!

What is your WORD?!  I want to hear all about it!