20 February 2015

Organizing Friday {Week 8}

This week I worked on our TV stand. We haven't had one for long and I really am not a fan, but for this house, temporary as it may be, we needed something. It quickly became full of all sorts of random stuff. 

I took everything out and decided what would have a better place elsewhere, and what could just go for good. We really try not to keep any DVD, Video game, CD cases. They take up SO much room! The only exception is when we are pretty sure we will sell it later. We had accumulated a few things in cases, kids helped put them where they go and made some space.

I don't love the open glass windows and am on the hunt for some type of covering that I can talk hubby into.  If I could find a lacy kind of contact paper that might be my first choice.
I really like this one

other than that, it's all taken care of, everything in here has a place and was not just shoved in here because it was convenient. 

Now I have a BIG job ahead of me for the next week. It's the laundry area. It has been our garage catch all since we moved in and it's horribly messy and unorganized on top of that.  All I have done so far in there is try to contain all the soaps and stuff.

In a perfect world, we would have a nice matching set, in the real world, our dryer still works great and we got a deal on the red washer when we needed one. I am not about to blow money on a matching dryer right now and not going to paint it. I don't aim to make this area pretty by any means, but tidy and organized, that it has to be.