13 February 2015

Organizing Friday {Week 7}

I somehow skipped week 6, so I am adding it here too!
Finished organizing our homework cabinet last week

It's not perfect but for now, with the containers I have it's going to work.
I picked up the magazine boxes at IKEA, each kiddo has one. This is so much easier than trying to decide who didn't clean up what.  The bigger chicken wire basket is crayons, and we are using this milk jar to keep colored pencils in. I drastically reduced the amount of colored pencils and crayons we had. It seemed overwhelming to the kids to have soooo many to dig through for the one they were looking for. So for now, less is more and less is less for me to clean up.

Then it was under the sink! It ended up a little dirty and with little helpers, kind of a mess. 

Going to catch up on that this weekend since it's a quick one.