13 January 2015

What makes a house a HOME to you?

Focusing on being content where we are in life right now. It's not easy but I am going to make the most of it. Some of the things that make a house a home to me are

~Tidiness (not spotless)
~Organized common areas
~It's gotta smell good!
I can never smell our house smell but I know it smells good because I get comments on it every time someone is over. I think I have become nose blind to it.

I want our kids and hubby to come home to a soft place to land as some call it. A place they look forward to coming home to after school and work, where things are just easy and where they can just be and feel at home. Some things I know that the kids appreciate are

~Snacks, easy snacks!

~Less Chores

~Time with Mommy

~Things in their place so they can get onto playing with them

~A clean place to do homework

Some things I know hubby appreciates are:

~Snacks, especially if dinner is not ready when he gets home

~Time to unwind after work

~Less hustle and bustle and more downtime

We aren't here just yet but slowly working on it.

I'm going to try and share a little bit each week how I am getting us to this place where Home is a Haven and the place we all want to be. 


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