08 January 2015

Prepping for a Good Morning~Night Routine

Today I am sharing how I prep to make my mornings smooth,well smoother anyway.
In my planner I use these super cute daily docket pages from Miss Tiina.

There are 6 areas besides water on the page. I like to use them for 
~To Do's for the day
~Looking forward, appointments etc.
~Encouragement, quotes, scripture
~Everything else

Some of these are partially filled out before hand but I like to do as much as I can while I am wide awake the night before, I am less likely to miss something that way.
I have HORRIBLE penmanship.

 Anything to make mornings run smoother. These are a few things I do at night. It doesn't take long, only about 20 minutes total, including tidying the kitchen. Waking up to a mostly clean kitchen is SO worth the 5-10 minutes it takes at night.

  • Fill out my Daily Docket for the next day (also throughout the day)
  • Prep my coffee
  • Lay out clothes
  • Set out breakfast stuff
  • Write in notebooks
  • Get laundry ready
  • Pack some of lunch stuff
  • Quick kitchen tidy 
  • Check dinner plan, anything need to thaw?

 What can you do in the evening to make your morning better?

Maybe only once a week prepping is more your style? Living Well Spending Less shared this 3 hour Sunday prep that might work for you!


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