12 December 2014

34 Stocking Stuffer ideas for him!

Some years we ONLY do stockings for each other, we don't set a specific amount, but no jewelry or electronics so it doesn't get out of hand either. I still put some on here, sometimes they make their way in them anyway. What I really try to do with stockings is not JUNK, if it isn't edible it had better be relevant past January! We are on a never ending mission of reducing the STUFF at our house.

Don't know where to start? Sometimes I will go with a theme, that helps streamline all those options. In the past I have done all
Oregon Ducks Stuff (or whatever team he likes)

Here are some things I have used in the past, and some that will for sure be in there this year.

1.Big League Chew
2. Astronaut cheese
3. Jerky
6. T shirt
7. Socks
8. Tie
9. Tools (screwdriver, hammer)
10. Baseball Hat
11. Pocket Knife
12. Movie or CD
13. Key Chain
14. Travel Cup
15. Flashlight
16. Headphones
17. Workout watch or pedometer
18. Fun sticky notes
19. A nice pen
20. Grill Tools
21. Fun Bottle Opener
22. Sunglasses
23. New Hot Sauces to try
24. New Phone Case
25. Chromecast or Roku Box
26. Ice Scraper
27. Gloves
28. Essential Oils
29. Lottery Tickets
30. Date Night gift cards
31. Golf Balls and Tees
32. Specialty Beer
33. Car air fresheners
34. Car Wash certificates

We are keeping things much simpler this year than we have in the past but the Mr. will still be getting a fun stocking!
Is there something you add every year?


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