20 October 2014

Meal Plan Monday

A little different this week, using this food we don't want to move twice!
We sold our home again (so far so good) and close next week, our rental isn't quite ready yet so we are staying with family until it is. Going to be an interesting few days!

Trying to use up open boxes of stuff like hot cereal and everything in our fridge! That should make for some interesting meals this week!

Monday~Meatball Subs
We have meatballs in the freezer that need to be used and marinara sauce I prepped before baby.

Tuesday~BBQ pork sandwiches
Using the rest of the buns and some already made bbq pork from the freezer. We also have a small package of fries that are open.

Have sauce and shredded beef in freezer and a package of noodles already open.

Thursday~Chicken and pasta
We have an open box if pasta and some cooked chicken. Lots of frozen veggies too!

I know we will have a bit if those. I hate to waste it. Kids like to call it "a little bit of everything" we just give them a little of everything left and some extra fruit and veggies!

Lunches are going to be fun, hoping to use up most of our open sauces and fridge stuff.
Thankfully, when we did this thing in August I used a lot of stuff up instead of buying, then we had the baby so I was really specific about what we brought in the house because I had a whole month of meals made. We still haven't used all of those but it's frozen stuff and we have a deep freezer.

Have you had to move a pantry full of food? Any tips?



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