30 October 2014

20 Minutes To A Clean House Part 2~ The Kitchen

 The Kitchen can feel so overwhelming but stick with a plan and each week it will be easier and you will get more done in that 20 minutes. Remember, the first few weeks it might feel like 20 minutes is not nearly enough time, even a little progress on some of the tasks that could take up all of the time is still progress and before you know it cleaning out the fridge will be a 1 minute job instead of 30.
* This is my list for our home. Make a list of what you need done weekly*

Music is a must have for me, I need the background noise
I start any job that needs a few minutes to do it's thing first so I am not wasting any of the 20 minutes.

~Start the Microwave Cleaning 
Just a damp sponge to steam it up, easy to wipe down
~Clean the Fridge
I just make sure there are no leftovers or spills
I try to get on top of fridge every week and then any spots that are bugging me. I use a Swiffer Duster on a long handle. No time to climb chairs!
~Wipe Down Cabinets
Not all of them, just where I can really see kid prints
~Wipe out Microwave
~Wipe Down Counters
~Clean Stove Top
I don't spend too much time on this, I am horrible at letting things boil over. This alone could be a 45 minute project if I tried to get every spot off. I just get it clean enough to look good.
~Wipe Down Chairs and door knobs
Just where I can see kid prints, this is so much better since we changed to benches and white chairs instead of 8 black chairs! Our pantry door knob is always icky!
~Clean Sink
I keep ours pretty clean during tidying so it's usually just the stainless part around the drain that needs a few seconds of work. Then I clean the disposal (vinegar ice cubes)
 I love our handle on our vacuum, I just take it around the room real quick
~Wipe Fingerprints off the glass doors
 ~Change Towels

Depending on what needs it more I either steam mop the floor or polish the stove, fridge and dishwasher.

That is it!


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