04 June 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~ Week 22

Pictures went well yesterday! I am glad that part is out of the way.
I did end up going through every one's clothes again, through some craft stuff and just selling a whole bunch.
The hardest part is being realistic about what we NEED!

But I can tell by the amount of stuff leaving our house I am doing better with it. We are excited to see how things change for us coming up. This week I am really just focusing on making our Road Trip Lists!
I am taking full advantage of all the articles on Pinterest for ideas. Check out my Rod Trip board HERE

My Goals for this Road Trip are
~Safety  ( of course, right?!)
~Healthy  We can't live on beef sticks and cheetos, even though the kids would be down with that.
~Fun  not just in the destinations, but along the way
~Educational I am sure the kids could have fun with their video games the whole way, but the whole point is to spend time together so that is not gonna fly! They will be allowed to watch the DVD player in the car, saving for the less straight roads, we have kids that get car sick easy.
~Stress Free   I know that is not going to happen 100% but I want to do as much as I can to make it as stress free as I can. 

That is my plan for the week, to make a whole bunch of lists! I will share them next week!


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