15 April 2014

Meal Plan Tuesday?

Baseball season is in full swing, the hubby is out of town, and it was MONDAY, if ya know what I mean.
Anyway, still meal planning but not as strict because half the time I can't stand to cook what I planned or it just doesn't sound good!

Monday~Salmon and Asparagus 
(not hubby's favorite)

Also not his favorite, but the kids like it and it's super easy!

Actually, probably tortellini. I think it needs to be used this week and the kids aren't picky!

Thursday~Grilled Cheese
Need something portable I can throw together easily and we can take on our way to the ball fields.

Friday~Hubby's Birthday!
I am going to take the night off from making dinner, we have a ball game to go to, so probably an early dinner out.

Not planning for the weekend just yet. Sunday we will be with family and Saturday all of a sudden feels like too far away to plan!


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