03 April 2014

April Goals!

A few days late, this seems to be how things have going around here!
Last month goals are here
At nearly all of them!

The house is MUCH better, but not 100%.
Didn't do such a great job with budgeting, I still have a couple projects I am working on to help out financially.
We did read more, not enough though.
I feel like I have been home a little more but running around more than I should be. No dates have been planned.

I do have a good reason for some of this though. I have no motivation and have been sleeping a whole lot more, some unexpected costs in the budget and a whole lot of Dr. appointments.
We are expecting baby #4 in September!!

The other good news is, I get to keep the same goals and try again!
I have lowered my expectations a bit. Knowing that we have other things we are needing to purchase, the budget and debt aren't going to be as good as I had hoped. I tire pretty often and have a small complication so I am giving myself a break on getting as much organizing and cleaning done. As long as we all have clean clothes and dishes it's a win.

Hoping I have some more energy (and motivation) back soon!


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