05 March 2014

March Goals!!

I am SO excited to share some of our March Goals! But first, how we did in February.

1. $1000 towards debt....
We paid $2000 extra towards debt this month! Likely the last month we will have that much progress.

2. Saving more
While I haven't set up Fridays yet, I did move that $ over.

3.Meal Plan
Did SO much better this month, didn't actually keep track of how many days per week but for sure over the (very low) goal!

Didn't really have much to schedule (amazingly)

5. Water
Having the re-useable cups all over has made it a cinch!

6. Organizing
For our life the way it is right now, this is working great!

7. Bathrooms
I am terrified of the kids bathroom, 2/3 for the month.

8. Fast Food
Meal planning has really made this a non issue!

9. More time at home
Felt SO good to be home more! 

10. Groceries
Haven't been grocery shopping yet. Hoping I can find some good alternatives!

Our March goals are going to be a little different. I am no longer working outside the home, (weeeee) so we won't be putting as much towards debt but we WILL be getting more stuff done around here! At least until I find something else that works better for our family.

1. Get this place BACK in order!
We have all gotten off task not being home as much, I felt back asking the kids to do the chores they normally would have when they weren't home nearly as much. We will be back to that!
We are using THESE

2. STICK to the new (and changing) Budget
This first month is going to be hard but sticking to our grocery budget of $250 will help!
We still want to pay extra to debt, it will be a slow process but every little bit helps!
Going to go for Once a week Target trips in March too. Jan was hard, February was busy but easier, March should be a breeze!

3. Find a way that isn't take away from our family to make some money.
I am always hesitant to try new stuff. Learning to act towards goals and not out of fear is hard sometimes!
I have a couple things I am working on. I just need to stick my neck out there and not be a worrywart!

4. Read to our kids more
We have always been readers but I feel like this last almost year I missed SO much!

5. Stay Home!
I am used to going into town a number of times a week, that is going to have to change! We just will not be able to afford to do that. Intentional, planned trips into town only. 

6. Plan More Dates!
For both Ryan and I, and family dates. I need to find some close to home, inexpensive stuff to do!


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