12 March 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~ Week 10

Last week I was our "office" which is really just a cupboard in our kitchen. 
We keep the printer below, it is rarely used and they are just SO ugly!

I use each of these photo boxes to keep stuff organized
~Camera accessories and stuff
~Cell phone accessories, car chargers etc.
~Checks, credit cards and other bank related items ( we don't keep cards in our wallets)
~Extra supplies, like pens, paper, tape, etc.
~Envelopes, thank you cards, wax seals ( totally addicted), stamps
~And I have an empty one.

We have our 2 Home Management Binders.
1 I use nearly everyday, the other has stuff that needs to be available but not pulled out everyday.

A basket with frequently used supplies like pens, pencils, tape, stapler, etc.
School phone books
then these little spice jars from IKEA, I spray painted the lids and they hold random things like change, screws, plug in covers, batteries. We always have a need for a little place to put something!

On the doors I used a piece of sheet metal and some little clips to hang it without putting holes in the cabinet. It's magnetic and a good place for all of our little reminders, sports cards and invitations.

This is the only office space we have had for a couple years now. It's worked great for us and helped not to keep excess. Where would we put it?!

This week I am working on the mail. Hubby and I have 2 very different ways of handling the mail. I would rather go through it all right now, file what needs to filed, pay what needs to be paid and be done with it. He is a stacker, save for later-er. These don't go well together!
Sometimes he gets mail that I don't have to deal with, it's not often but he needs I place he can put it until he is ready to deal with and keep it outta my way!


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