08 February 2014

Our Harry Potter 9th Birthday Party!

This party has been in the making for YEARS! I am so glad we finally got to do it!
I am about to bombard y'all with pictures! Happy to share sources, just ask!

Floating pumpkins
Dollar Tree Pumpkins, fishing line

Flying keys
$1 section at Michael's keys, velum and silver paper a wing paper punch and fishing string

Banner was homemade and clearance cobwebs and clearance Martha Stewart paper rats

Borrowed the Birthday boy's cloak and used fishing string and some clearance hats

Our "House Points" display
food coloring and the weird little gel beads that you add to water and they puff up, with some food coloring and Dollar tree jars

Took most of our usual stuff out, added some extra stuff to the bookshelf

Banners are just felt  nothing fancy

World Market had the cutest little owl cake pan, used to make these

Chocolate chips and edible glitter in a frog mold

Pumpkin Pasties and "frog legs" aka Pickles

Troll Ears
and you can barely see the Snitch Truffles

Cockroach Clusters and more of the snitch truffles

Warned the boys about these.. most of them were very brave and tried at least 1.. Poor girly didn't catch on and ate a Centipede flavored one.  

We used these Dollar Tree Plastic wine glasses and put a teeny bit of food coloring at the bottom, tried to make it not visible to these sneaky 9 year olds ( I got caught but just barely!)
They all had a glass and then I added an ice cube, or Crystal Ball 
used these

Added them to the glass, told them we were going to read their fortunes.. Green meant an allowance raise, red was finding true love...etc.
Poured some sprite over and the drink changed color! I thought it was fun!

We used the "potions" to change fortunes if they weren't happy. They were just poprocks

Gummy snails that were just cute!

Kept the cake very basic! Little edible gold stars for sprinkles

Not sure HOW he is 9!

Pensive Jello.. and dry ice. Best $2.00 spent!

Boys on a Horcrux Scavenger hunt.
Not sure how we get such GORGEOUS weather on his birthday so often. This weekend, just 1 week later, a foot of snow.

Making slime to take home in little cauldrons

After Cake and the mega sugar overload we had to send sweet friends home with some to share!
Some squishy pet rats, a Gryffindor candy stick and to test their bravery later, some Bertie Botts, I would never risk the chance of getting a "Canned Dog Food" one BLAAAH
and some hand sanitizer.. Dragons Blood

Also not pictured

Sorting Hat Bread, made a foil "hat" wrapped in caned crescent rolls and baked
and more of the Horcrux Hunt. Loved that part. These boys are too smart and had so much energy it took about half the time I expected!


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