08 February 2014

Jamberry Review and Giveaway!!

First let me say that I am a "girly girl", unfortunately, I am horrible at it!
 I don't wear much makeup, I wasn't even sure I owned a blow dryer until the other day. It was practically all I needed to do this adorable JAMBERRY wrap manicure!

I can not get over how EASY these were to put on! I don't get manicures as often as I would if money and time were no object. These took just a little bit of time, kids were napping. It was the best 15 minutes of avoiding toilet cleaning I could have asked for on this no school snow day!

Regular manicures last me about 2 days before they start to look rough and I hate that, it's just like tossing  $15 out the window. Shellac stays on better, last longer but I am not convinced the lights to set them are good for us and the hefty price tag and nail damage makes them an occasional thing but I'd rather cut them out altogether. 

Yes, I could just paint my nails at home, but I would have my left hand painted and my right hand would be horrible, and who has time with kids to actually sit and let them dry? Not me or any other mama I know.

I have tried some of the other stick on sheets like this and I never had good luck with them, these are different, just a little heat from the blow dryer and they set so smooth! No bumps or creases or holes at the tips! 

OK, enough about how much I loved the application. Now I want y'all to get some!  I am going to give away 1 sheet of nail wraps, enough for 2 mani's and 2 pedi's!
Here is how to enter!
1. Check out my friend Ashley's Jamberry page HERE then comment and let me know which pattern you would pick if you are the lucky winner!
2. Like her facebook page HERE and comment letting me know you did!
3. Like Cupcakes Kisses 'N' Crumbs on Facebook HERE and comment letting me know you did!
4. Facebook not your thing? You can place and order HERE, your order will get you 1 entry!
And for a 5th entry AND additional games and winnings join the party HERE and comment letting me know you did!

I am going to keep this giveaway open until the 20th! I can't wait to share how these Jamberry nails hold up while we are snowed in and I am working on projects!  Good Luck!!


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