12 February 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~ Week 6

Last week my goal was to get the fridge and freezer cleaned out.
Getting to it in 15 minute increments was the only way it was going to happen with our schedule.
First I checked expiration dates, that took a good chunk of time. Tossed a few things which helps make room to move stuff around to clean off the shelves and doors. 

The freezer is a whole other issue for me. I have short arms and can barely reach the back of it to clean. Just broke it up into 15 minute chunks and the whole thing including wiping down all of the inside, only took an hour. 

It's so much better when it's clean and organized. Now if I could get everyone on board to put stuff back where it goes, that would be even better. Not likely though.
We keep like things together, all the cheese in baskets, easy to grab.  The kids lunch stuff in a drawer they can all reach, eggs where the 4 year old can't reach!

This week my plan is to get this crazy pantry managed! It's been a disaster ever since the birthday parties! I just shoved stuff in there when it was in my way. Regretting that now. Along with all the stuff we don't usually have for birthday parties and at school birthday celebrations.
 It just needs a good purge, cleaning and organizing!

I feel like it is unlikely I will get this done in the 1 week time frame.


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