20 January 2014

Meal Plan Monday Week #4

Monday~ Leftovers
We ate out over the weekend, so much for sticking to a meal plan. But at least there are leftovers!

Tuesday~Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes
We love the Trader Joes Turkey Meatballs, easy dinner!

Wednesday~Pork Roast
Nothing fancy, just in the crock pot, with leftover mashed potatoes!

Thursday~Chicken Taco's
Easy dinner because Thursday nights are crazy!

Friday~Roasted Veggies and Steak
My mom gave us some super delish steaks from Costco, that even I will have a hard time screwing up!

Saturday~ Goulash
Although, I might ditch everyone and go out with friends! And I still haven't made the recipe I posted about before. Definitely going to not make my 21/31 day meal plan goal for January!

We need to make room in the freezer and they had great deals on Turkey's over the holidays!
No idea what I will make with it, whatever we have an abundance of.


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