22 January 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~ Week #4

Week 4 is the silverware drawer.
I went a little crazy a couple weeks ago and moved silverware, so the job is already partway done.

But first, lets look at last week!
I keep the lids under the oven, cause I rarely use them.

That shelf? Yeah, it was at the bottom of the cabinet just sitting there! I had NO idea it was another shelf! Got some pegs for a couple bucks and now the space is much better! Our big pots fit just fine in the back, they were being used though!

I am a sucker for the Target Dollar Spot silverware, always so cute!

I also think I would have an easier time if we were using half our silverware.
We have too much, it is well past time for a purge of kids silverware for sure!
Come back next week :)


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