02 December 2013

Giving in to the Coffee Pot!

I really really don't like counter clutter! I just feel like counter stuff, no matter how clean it is, looks messy, and makes kitchens look so much smaller! Usually we have nothing that stays on the counter, but I am giving in to the coffee pot (for now)
I decided this one little area can be sacrificed to counter stuff, but it had to be as pretty as it can be. We've had this little plate, cup holder for a few years, it's dainty and simple but holds 6 cups and 6 plates and has some room for some other fluff.  I am just using one plate slot for napkins. I hung some of mugs and used a couple little mason jars and containers for coffee spoons and sugar!

I like that if we have someone over, everything is right there and easy to find.
Still can't bring myself to leave the toaster out, and that coffee pot might be swapped out for a smaller one if I can find a deal!


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