30 December 2013

2014 Goals

Excited for the new year! I know it's not REALLY any different, just a date on a calendar but it sure FEELS different, and I love it!
This year we are doing it month by month, lots of our goals will carry over for each month. Getting to celebrate meeting a goal will make keeping it up the next month easier! (I hope)
Do you make resolutions, or goals? Are they weekly, monthly, for the whole year or by a certain date?  What is on your list for 2014?
Having goals is important but having a plan to meet those goals is even more important!
1. Pay off $1000 minimum towards debt
2. NO fast food, not even drinks!
3. Find 5 better alternatives for 5 less than perfect groceries
4. Stick to meal plan 21 out of the 31 days
5. Drink 80 oz of water 5 days per week
6. Stick to 52 Weeks of Organizing Plan
7. Pack 5 things for Emergency Packs
8. Journal 1x per week 
9. Try homemade dishwasher soap
10. Deep Clean Kitchen
The Plan:
~Work 10 hours a week OT if available
~Stick to grocery budget
~1 Target trip max per week
Keep water bottles and re-usable cups clean and cold water in the pitcher in the fridge.
Stick to the meal plan
Keep healthy snacks in the car
Plan ahead for longer adventures out
Set aside enough time to read labels at the grocery store, no rush trips
research ahead of time

Prep groceries as soon as they make it home
Check meal plan night before

 Same as #2

Read ahead to prep
Schedule time to do it
DO it, even if it's not a 3 hour block, 15 minutes adds up

Make a list,
incorporate stuff into the grocery list

 Keep it handy
Write it on the schedule

Make it
Add ingredients to grocery list

Plan ahead
Schedule a little bit each week
Goes in line with my organizing, that should help


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