27 November 2013

Thanksgiving Breakfast Table

We got together with our extended family over the weekend so things are going to be pretty mellow for Thanksgiving Dinner. We are headed to my in-laws, but I wanted to do something festive still! And I really miss decorating our table!
Decided to do a little sleeping in special breakfast and decorate the table like I would for Thanksgiving, just toned down a little bit. I love the mix of rustic and gold! I'm not going to do too much, I don't want to come home to a ton of work to undo to get ready for Christmas decorations.

Making some Dutch BabiesPumpkin Pie Oatmeal, turkey bacon and some fruit salad with pomegranate. 

If I was going to go all out I would add some of these, antlers like these!
 I couldn't find any round here!
If it wasn't just us or we were doing dinner here I would add some more to the table too!
These napkin rings made of antler are so neat!
This could be a quick easy project, I am loving gold for Thanksgiving!
I LOVE these pumpkins!  If we had any left I would spray them!
 I would rather make tried and true recipes, even if they aren't pretty, over something that is suppose to LOOK good. I think some gold sprinkles can make even the most basic cinnamon rolls or pancakes a little special!
I love this for making everyday meals a little special
 Edible glitter! Veggies with a teeny bit of glitter are easier for picky kids to eat.
Wishing you all a super Thanksgiving with your families!


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