19 November 2013

Our Little Entry Area

I have been looking for a little table or cupboard or SOMETHING for this area, and it had to fit some pretty strict dimensions.
When I saw this one a while ago I KNEW it was the one!
Those handles and the grey color were just perfect & it FIT!
Growing up my best friends parents had a hutch and each of their 5 kids had their own drawer. Not a big drawer, just a little spot in the middle of the kitchen/dining/living area to claim as their own. I have some fond memories of being a little kid and my friends keeping their candy money in their drawers, then little notes as we got older, lip gloss and makeup, boys phone numbers and car keys.
It was something so simple and not even mine but I loved the idea and have really fond memories of that hutch! I didn't really think we would be able to find something with drawers but there it was.
Each of our kiddos has their own drawer. Considering they are little it's nothing major right now. Ipod here or there, some lipgloss and popcorn money. Notepads and ds games and school papers that are waiting for daddy to get home to see. I just love that I can open a drawer and see what's on their mind and in their little hearts that day.
Don't get me wrong, I don't want them to grow up too fast but I hope they love their little drawer and appreciate having a place to keep their little treasures but I'm excited to see what comes after lego's, lipgloss and bubbles.

We use the top drawer for our key drop off, phone and ipod charger. It's a tangly mess.
 Do you have a little area convenient for the little folks little treasures at your house?
I want to see them!


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